A few of my favorite things...

My sewing room is full of things that I love. Fabric, colors, my computer :), my serger, my sewing machine, and a few others......

-this is my little stash of buttons, they make me smile

-these are my lovely ribbons....that the kids simply can't resist!!

-a sweet little heart pincushion that my son helped me make....I think of him when i see it :)

-yes, I am a bag nut and when I found these, I knew I had to use them.....for now they will house some lovely threads

I inherited a few things from my mother and grandmother. The love of all things handmade. The love for fabric (oh yes....we are all hoarders) The love of pretty things around us. I fought being like them for so many years and now, I can see that these traits have helped make me who I am. Without them, I would have never (eventually) fallen in love with sewing.

thanks gals!

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Beth said...

Wow your photos just POP! I also love that opening song by peter Gabriel, one of my faves!