Candles and Wishes

They make me
s m i l e.

As we blow out the candles, (one of our nightly rituals) my kids love to make

Lexi being only 2 (almost three) has to be warned repeatedly not to try and blow out the candles herself. She gets a little too close to the flames (for my comfort) in reality she is probably plenty far away, but not for mom. She makes the same wish day after day. " I wish it was my special day everyday." As the soft glow of the flames fills her face and her smile widens as she makes her wish, I am transported into a toddler. David has more experience in wishing, he is a pro if you will, so he makes his wishes count. Sometimes they last so long I have to cut him off. Inevitably they include more toys, his birthday being everyday and more toys. They are so happy getting to do something so simple as blowing out a candle. It is one of my favorite parts of the day.

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