There are a handful of things that I miss, before I had my kids. Mostly, the idea of sleeping peacefully through the night without a foot kicking me in the face is a mere fantasy. I remember having a fast car that only sat 2. I remember not having step on toys on my way to the bathroom at night. That was me.

Now my life is filled with wonderful noise...even if its "leave me alone!!" or my favorite, "stop touching me!!" It is filled with giggling. bubble baths. transformers. barbies. watching cartoons over and over again (until the point, I kinda miss them when they're off). spider-man stunts. songs from the tops of little lungs. my little ponies. pigtails. bows. funny faces. bursts of laughter.

I can't imagine having my life any different. Stepping on toys has become a ritual, and what would I do without the nightly kick to the face? I will gladly give up that fast car for my minivan. Now that is me.

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