Cloudy with a chance.....

I am on the computer sitting next to the kids as they are watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

I really fell in love with this animated lovely.
My favorite part has to be when Sam is telling
Flint that she used to be a nerd and shows
him her big glasses.
Right before she places them on his head,
you can see what she thought
(before she could see clearly)
Flint looked like.
He had slicked back hair with
a strong structured face.
He puts the glasses on her and she sees
a nerdy guy with a thin face a
crazy hair.

I laughed out loud. Isn't it funny how we can perceive things differently....when we want to?? Like maybe my obsession with crafting, which I see as a cute collection of scrapbook papers, fabrics, threads, sewing machines embroidery machines, buttons, ribbons...that ultimately barely fit into my craft room?

When I walk in there (without glasses) I see a beautiful collection of lovelies. When my husband walks in, he sees threads dangling from...well everything! pins lodged in the carpet and the reason that I stay up late at night. To me, it is Charming. When I walk in there, there is a smile in my heart..... I chose to keep my glasses off :)

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