What will you do?

Today, I will…

be happy even though it is gloomy and raining outside

strive for perfection, but not be let down if I don’t make it

be the best mom I can be

not over-criticize myself

make a yummy and nutritious dinner (spinach (shhhhh..) tortellini)

not look at my hair in the mirror and think of how I could change it

not eat more than one slice of chocolate cake (even if I want 2)

not sigh when I realize that I am not quite a Psamls 31 woman

try not to think of all the things I could be making if my sewing room was unpacked

hug my kids every hour

not look at other ladies creations and think I fall SO short

remember my good points…like my long eyelashes

play dress up with the kids

get fresh flowers

still do my devotional…even though I missed it and slept in this morning

smile more

be kind to someone that doesn’t deserve it

play super Mario bros on the wii, even if I still need to unpack

look into learning how to knit ;)

take pleasure in beauty...obvious or not

be thankful and content

tell my husband how much he means to me

catch up on old friendships

tell all of you THANK YOU for reading J



Amber said...

wonderful list. i think i need to make one of these myself :0 have a wonderful day!

Eva Gallant said...

Loved your list!
Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day and Welcome!

Crystal Escobar said...

oh how refreshing and fun to read that. I loved it! Thank you for sharing :)

Elizabeth Patch said...

what a wonderful and positive list; even doing half of those things would be an accomplishment! thanks so very much for stopping by my blog and helping make my SITS day so special.

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Ingrid!

What a beautiful list, so wonderful and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing it and thanks for your visit and comments on Tea Time.

I absolutely love when someone new and wonderful drops by to say hello. By the way, you have such a lovely place here. Thanks so much for the this beautiful post.



Krajcimama said...

I just stopped by from Sits (which I haven't really done anything on, yet...I'm still deciding). I LOVED your comment about starting a blog being like the first day of school - I've had a blog for a while...with no readers. I recently did a Friday Follow and now have 25 readers. Now all of a sudden I feel pressure! hehehe

Just wanted to check out your blog - nice job! :)