Scardy Cat

I ran past some old Disney pictures last night and I thought they were pretty funny. We are avid lovers of Disney and whenever I can talk my husband into taking me, we load up and take off for the happiest place on earth......

or is it?

there is a quite terrified spectator that may disagree...

dad and brother notice nothing. by that matter the person taking the picture (me) doesn't seem too concerned either...

let's try eeyore, he's so sweet...right?

not happening!

I also remember when piglett goes to hug this sweet sweet girl and she punches him. He ran back and told his friends at the hundred acre wood, and I think they stayed away from our table the rest of the meal. :)

Now my kids both love to hug, kiss, high five and even dance with all the characters. It was funny to see either of them scared.

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