OOOey GOOOey....

We made this Ooey goey as the kids referred to it. It is actually pretty cool, and even brought a smile to dad's face (as we interrupted him from work to show him). It is pretty much just cornstarch and water mixed together in a bowl. Once it is mixed it turns into magic. You can punch it with a fist and it has the consistency of dry wall. Then, you stick your fingers in and it is LIQUID! So you can (rapidly) roll it into a ball, then watch it melt into liquid form. The kids (and I) loved playing in it. To make it better, clean up was easy (just rinse with warm water) although next time we make it, we will be using the counters.

*Box of cornstarch
*Spoon (or if you're like us...hands)
*Food coloring
.......and you may want to lay newspaper on the floor to avoid taking out the mop :)

Just add water to the cornstarch to get the consistency of a thick glue. I originally read that it was 2c of cornstarch for every cup of water, but that came out to thin....just play around to get the consistency you like....Enjoy!

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