So I stumbled upon this blog today that made me feel warm and fuzzy all over. We have been renting our house for what we thought would be one year max, and has turned out to be almost 3 years. I am very thankful to have a house. For my husband to have a job....but it has never felt like home here.

The minute I clicked on the link, my ears were consumed with a beautiful melody of years of past. It brought to mind a warming breeze, gazing on fluffy clouds, laying on a weathered old quilt of pinks and green. I couldn't bring myself to stop reading. I read the whole thing twice. Browsing through the beautiful array of pictures of warm and welcoming homes. I just couldn't put it down. Kim drew me into her world of beauty. In that moment I decided to make a change. Although my time here may last another month or perhaps another 3 more years....I want to love my house again. Here is a glimpse of my new design studio. It still has a lot of work to be done and plenty of furniture and accessories to be added, but I am beginning to fall in love with it.